Free Purina Felix goody bag treats for cats

Expired Free Purina Felix goody bag treats for cats


We know that a lot of our freebie friends are pet lovers. If you happen to have a pet cat then this freebie is something you can sign up for so you can give them a treat. Purina is giving away their brand new Purina Felix goody bags for free. Their goody bag contains either a colorful meat or fish treat. The goody bag also comes in three basic flavors: Original Mix, Seaside Mix, and Mixed Grill. To receive this freebie you will need to sign up at their website. The link at the bottom will take you straight to the Purina Felix page. You need to register for this freebie by signing up at the short form on their page. This is where you can request for your free sample. We hope your cat enjoys their free Purina Felix goody bag.


This was posted 3 years ago and has expired.

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