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FREE Malteaser Milk Chocolate Bunnies from Tesco's
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Free FREE Malteaser Milk Chocolate Bunnies from Tesco's


FREE Chocolate. It's Easter again and Tesco is celebrating by giving away free malteaser milk cocolate bunnies.  You can win free chocolates and maybe even a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.  To get your free chocolates, click on the link at the end of this post.  The link will take you to the Tesco website where you can start playing the game to win.  All you need to do is click start.  Then select that you are above 16 and a UK resident.  Then, enter your postal code or address.  After that, just use the arrows to look around.  Look carefully. You should be able to find eggs.  You'll really want to find a yellow/gold egg as this will most likely mean you will be getting a Samsung Galaxy.  To get a chance for milk chocolate bunnies or a Samsung Galaxy, start searching now.


This was posted 8 years ago 27th March 2013 .

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