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Free FREE Sample of Dylon Colour Catcher


For today, laundry is the name of this freebie.  Well to be more accurate a FREE sample of dylon colour catcher.  The Dylon Colour Catcher is the way to go for smart washing.  With this particularly innovative little sheet, it prevents colour runs, which in turn allows mixed colour washes.  The ability to combine loads is a great way to save time and money since you can do your laundry in fewer loads. If you aren't sold to the whole idea of using Dylon Colour Catcher sheets, you can sign up for a free sample.  It's a great way to test a product if you aren't sure about it.  To start, click on the link at the end fo this post.  When you are at the Colour Catcher website, just sign up to the Colour Catcher Smart Washing Club to enjoy access to updates, exclusive offers, competitions and much more.


This was posted 8 years ago 22nd March 2013 .

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