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Free sample of Plum's Taste Adventures new flavors
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Free Free sample of Plum's Taste Adventures new flavors


ASDA wants to give your child a great experience when it comes to eating and tasting new things. If you want your child to develop an adventurous palate then you can check out this freebie. They have teamed up with Plum and they are giving away free samples of Plum's 2 newest flavours being added to the Taste Adventures range. To sign up for this freebie just click on the link at the bottom. The link will take you straight to the ASDA and Plum's Taste Adventures free sample sign up page. Once you are on their website read the details of the freebie first. Scroll down and you will find the freebie sign up form. They will give you a week's worth of their 2 new flavours. Share this with friends and family who have children that can enjoy this freebie.


This was posted 8 years ago 27th March 2013 .

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