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FREE Pack of Parsley or Onion Seeds
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Free FREE Pack of Parsley or Onion Seeds


Handmade Burger Co is giving away 5,000 free seeds so that you can grow your own at home. To sign up for a free pack of parsley or red onion seeds, just click on the link a the end of this post.  The link will take you to the Handmade Burger Co website.  From there just follow the instructions asking your to click here.  After clicking, you will need to fill up the form till you get to the end.  Then, just click on submit.  You can even upload the images of your own home grown creations by uploading them to Handmade Burger Co's facebook page or twitter account. They would actually prefer that you upload a picture of the meal you made with the red onions and parsley you grew from their seeds.  Happy gardening and farming.



This was posted 8 years ago 1st April 2013 .

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