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Expired Free Win a Canon EOS 6D worth £2,195


This competition on this great Tuesday morning is for our freebie finders who are interested in photography or for those of you who want to get into photography and want to win a camera. Photography can be pretty expensive as a hobby and even more expensive if you want to be a professional photographer. Wex Photographic is going to give 1 lucky winner their very own Canon EOS 6D + 24-105mm. This is all worth £2,195. If you want the chance to win this competition just click on the link at the bottom. The link will take you straight to the Wex Photographic Canon EOS 6D competition sign up page. Once you are on their website read the details of the competition first. After that follow the steps to sign up for the competition. There are 4 questions to answer. One freebie blogger posted his answers and they are: 1. B Santorini, 2. C Amsterdam, 3. A. The Shard, and 4. C. Morocco. If you think these answers are wrong then please share it with us. This competition will end on September 30, 2013.


This was posted 6 years ago 27th August 2013 and has expired.