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Free NHS Smokefree Quit Kit
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Free Free NHS Smokefree Quit Kit


Have you made your New Year's Resolutions yet? If one of your Resolutions is to quit smoking or maybe someone you know has this resolution then we have a freebie you can get. NHS is giving away free Smokefree quit kits. Their kit is filled with lots of helpful things you can use while trying to quit smoking. You can also look at their website for a lot of other support. If you want this freebie then sign up.


This was posted 6 years ago 31st December 2013 .


To sign up just click on the link at the bottom. The link will take you straight to the NHS Smokefree quit kit sign up page. Once you are on their website read the details of the freebie and follow the steps to sign up. Please do share this with your friends and family if they want to quit smoking for the New Year.

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