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Free La Pierre Soy Tealight
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Free Free La Pierre Soy Tealight


Compared to the irregular burn and aroma of normal candles, Soy Candles are superior in every way – so La Pierre really wants everyone to know about Lapierre Soy Candles. They will be giving away a batch of their new Moonshine tealights for you to try around your home. Each one of their Moonshine Soy Candles will burn evenly for at least four hours and deliver a light and gentle aroma. Each tealight is poured by hand, while each wick is placed by hand ensuring that we maintain the highest possible standards of candle-making.


This was posted 4 years ago 12th April 2017 .


To have a single Moonshine tealight sample sent out for you to try, complete the form on their website and they will send it to you free of charge.

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