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Sample London Tea Company teas
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Expired Free Sample London Tea Company teas


The London Tea Company are giving away free samples of their delicious herbal teas on their website. London Tea is committed to sourcing tea responsibly, offering a range of Fairtrade certified teas and herbal infusions. They do a whole host of delicious flavours, including Peach & Rhubarb, Pure Camomile, Raspberry, Ginger & Vanilla, Sencha Green Tea and loads more.


This was posted 2 years ago 26th November 2018 and expired 2 years ago 1st January 2019.


If you'd like to try out a sachet for free, head over to The London Tea Company 'Contact Us' website. Complete your contact details and change the 'Enquiry Type' to 'Sample Request'. Don't forget to pop in your postal address.