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Take home a designer handbag from C1209 worth £975
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Expired Win Take home a designer handbag from C1209 worth £975


One at the Marie Claire website, C1209 are offering a lucky reader the chance to win their hero bag, “The Franklin”. “The Franklin” by C1209 is an artisanal leather handbag enhanced by a secret backpack feature. With full grain Italian leather, gold plated fittings and hand-finished in Cambridge England, this stunning showcase piece is designed specifically for a woman who curates a crisp timeless aesthetic in the workplace but demands comfort and functionality when on the go.


This was posted 3 years ago 12th December 2018 and expired 3 years ago 15th December 2018.


Be in with the chance to own a stylish yet functional “The Frankin” bag from C1209 by entering this competition on the Marie Claire website.


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