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Get a free Full Body Sculpting Makeover worth over £5000
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Expired Win Get a free Full Body Sculpting Makeover worth over £5000


As the party season begins, Country and Townhouse have teamed up with Perfecte’me to offer readers the chance to win a Full Body Sculpting Makeover at exclusive London Clinic Omniya. Perfecte’me’s Full Body Sculpt treatment uses safe and effective Ultrasound Cavitation technology to target specific areas of the body. It is a comfortable, pain-free treatment which uses low-frequency sound-waves and heat to destroy fat cells and remove the body’s immediate capacity to store fat, as well as improving the body’s fat cell metabolism.


This was posted 3 years ago 1st January 2019 and expired 3 years ago 3rd January 2019.


Enter this competition on the Country and Townhouse website for your chance to win a non-invasive, non-surgical full body sculpting makeover with Perfecte’me, worth over £5,000.


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