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Free Pledge Fluffy Dusters
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Expired Free Free Pledge Fluffy Dusters


To help you get started on Spring Cleaning this year, Expert Home Tips have got a fantastic freebie on offer. Enter their latest online competition and you could win 1 of 30 Pledge Fluffy Dusters. This starter kit comes with an extending handle and 2 disposable duster heads, made to pick up the dust that you can see and the allergens you can't. You'll be able to reach up and remove cobwebs with ease.  


This was posted 2 years ago 4th April 2019 and expired 2 years ago 9th April 2019.


To be in with the chance to be among the lucky winners to take home a fluffy duster, simply fill in the form on the Expert Home Tips website and click "join us now".


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