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500 BYBI Booster duos up for grabs
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Expired Free 500 BYBI Booster duos up for grabs


Give your skin the ultimate spring boost with two of the latest BYBI high-performance launches. Stylist, in partnership with BYBI currently has 500 being given away on their website. These Booster Sets contain high-performing, 100% natural, sustainable products. The Bakuchiol Booster is 1% Bakuchiol oil and 99% Squalane. Bakuchiol is a plant derived, 100% natural alternative to vitamin A - aka retinol. It’s a powerful yet gentle game changing ingredient as it’s directly linked to collagen production and can dramatically improve skin texture. The 100% Cold Pressed Strawberry Seed Booster is a great skin-softener, improving moisture levels for complexions that are feeling a little dry, flakey or sensitive.


This was posted 1 year ago 23rd May 2019 and expired 1 year ago 17th June 2019.


Enter your details in the form on the Stylist website to be among the 500 lucky people to receive a free set.