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If you love fancy skincare treatments, then you're bound to love this freebie.

Fill in the form and claim a FREE sample of 24K PURE Gold Moisturizing Hydra Eye Cream. Phew, that's quite a mouthful, but it sounds so luxurious!

These gold eye cream pods rejuvenate and nourish the skin around your eyes without impacting on the delicate nature of the skin around the eyes.

These fancy cream pods are best suited to either dry, combination, normal or oily skin. The lightweight texture of this product is perfect for melting away into your skin so that it looks flawless and rejuvenated instantly.


This was posted 9 months ago 20th September 2019 and expired 8 months ago 31st October 2019.


To claim yours, follow the link, hit the next button & fill in your details.