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Grow free Bloomin' brilliant wildflowers
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Expired Free Grow free Bloomin' brilliant wildflowers


Grow Wild UK has wildflower growing kits available for free. Make your way to their website to submit your request today. You can learn all about why autumn is a fab time of year to sow flower seeds, and how you can go about doing it. Grow Wild are working hard to bring you a fab & super interesting guide. Bees are dwindling and we all know what we need to do to help them - so why not get involved and plant some lovely flowers for our bees to pollinate. You'll receive tonnes of great stuff in your pack, including stickers and information charts.


This was posted 10 months ago 9th September 2019 and expired 9 months ago 1st October 2019.


Sign up to Grow Wild UK to grow wildflowers this Autumn with their advice and free seeds.