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Expired Free Redeem a free Personalised Storybook


For a limited time only you can get a free personalised book for your child from beans&sparks. All you need to do is pay a small P&P charge of £1.99.

In I’m a Mighty Moose! a troublesome case of the hiccups is cured by some very creative problem-solving. With a huge imagination and some handy accessories, your little hero manages to save the day! This story encourages your child to express themselves creatively and to experiment with form and function. 

Imaginative play is how children learn about the world, and critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills evolve from imagination. This builds social and emotional development by allowing children to try out different solutions, which then boosts their confidence. 

The beans&sparks collection is designed to promote a child’s natural curiosity and their desire to explore and create. It’s structured using the EASY framework – Emotions, Adventure, Science and creativitY – and I’m a Mighty Moose! is in the creativity category.


This was posted 1 year ago 14th October 2019 and expired 1 year ago 31st October 2019.


Make your way to the Beans & Sparks Club website to avail of a free book to read to your little one.


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