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Free Kids’ Pocket Money Card
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Expired Free Free Kids’ Pocket Money Card


Get a FREE goHenry card for your kids, the fun and easy way to teach your kids how to earn, save and spend responsibly. Just fill in your details to get started! With this great offer you'll get 2 months FREE!

goHenry is an exciting money card and app for young people aged 6 to 18. They can use it save up their pocket money, spend it on shopping or learn how to start saving. Sign up to get your card today and get 2 month's free membership.

goHenry wants to empower young children with their money, but also wants to keep them safe which is why the card and the app also come with unique parental controls for your piece of mind. 


This was posted 1 year ago 9th November 2019 and expired 1 year ago 20th December 2019.


Make your way to the Go Henry website to sign up and avail of this freebie.


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